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IRLAB Therapeutics progresses towards Phase III for Parkinson’s drug with Clintrex and ProPharma Group partnership


IRLAB Therapeutics AB, under the leadership of CEO Gunnar Olsson, is making strides towards Phase III of mesdopetam, a treatment showing potential in reducing Parkinson’s disease burden. The company has partnered with Clintrex and ProPharma Group for this endeavor, aiming to align with the US FDA prior to Phase III commencement, according to a statement made on Wednesday.

Clintrex, led by Karl Kieburtz, is operationalizing development pathways for new treatments. ProPharma Group, under the helm of Matthew Weinberg, empowers biotech and pharmaceutical organizations to advance scientific breakthroughs. These collaborations are a strategic move by IRLAB to bolster its efforts in advancing mesdopetam to the next phase.

On Tuesday, IRLAB announced that it was gearing up for an end-of-Phase II meeting with the FDA about mesdopetam. This drug has already shown confirmed safety and dosage-dependent benefits during the initial stages of its development. The company is currently awaiting the FDA’s approval for a Phase III trial while also closely monitoring the outcomes of the pirepemat trial (H124).

In addition to these developments, IRLAB has set ambitious goals for its preclinical assets. The company aims to advance these assets to Phase I readiness by Q423–FY24. The upcoming end-of-Phase 2 meeting with the FDA will assess mesdopetam’s safety profile and effectiveness, setting the stage for its future marketing application.


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