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Citi’s top executives to convene in Singapore for first time since 2011


Citi has announced that its board members and top executives are set to meet in Singapore for the first time since 2011, during the week of October 16. The forthcoming meeting is perceived as a testament to Citi’s commitment to Singapore, a city-state it considers a vital global market and a principal hub for wealth.

The decision to convene in Singapore underscores Citi’s dedication to the city-state where it operates leading businesses across various sectors including markets, banking, services, and wealth. The bank has been present in Singapore since 1902 and currently employs approximately 8,500 staff members in the country.

Singapore serves as one of four global wealth hubs for Citi and is central to its regional and global client coverage and ASEAN leadership teams. It also houses several of their regional and global client coverage and product units.

The agenda for the week-long meeting includes interaction with local clients, regulators, and their workforce. Tibor Pandi, Citi’s Singapore Country Officer, affirmed the upcoming meeting and expressed enthusiasm about welcoming the board back after over a decade. He emphasized that this move signals Citi’s intention to invest more and expand its business in Singapore in the coming years.


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