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The economy is surging — which means it might be time to start buying Bitcoin


The United States economy seems like it is refusing to be derailed. It added a staggering 336,000 jobs in September, defying most expectations. This achievement becomes all the more remarkable against the backdrop of soaring yields on longer-term Treasury bonds and surging mortgage rates.

The message embedded in the job data is crystal clear: the world’s largest economy continues to charge forward, even in the face of aggressive monetary tightening. It’s a testament to the economy’s resilience, and suggests that higher interests are here to stay for an extended period.

United States Federal Funds Effective Rate, 1955-2023. Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.Lucas Kiely is chief investment officer of Yield App, where he oversees investment portfolio allocations and leads the expansion of a diversified investment product range. He was previously the chief investment officer at Diginex Asset Management, and a senior trader and managing director at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong, where he managed QIS and Structured Derivatives trading. He was also the head of exotic derivatives at UBS in Australia.


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