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Is Oleg #Krot a Rat or an Idiot?

Until Oleg Krot opened his mouth, he had a wonderful life. He quietly used humanitarian aid for self-promotion, hid his incomes and, without any bother, licked the ass of the Russian #1XBET. But, as it often happens, he failed because of his stupidity and a cosmic level of bullshit. The first inconsistency in his witnesses was noticed by #Forbes, when Krot boasted that he had spent $60 million on #supporting Ukrainians. Considering the fact that the declared revenue of #TECHIIA is $61.5 million, it looks like Oleg literally gave away his last panties to the front. After figuring out all the details, it appeared that Oleg could not prove most of his donations.

All right, bullshit happens, but if Oleg had been smarter, the story would have ended here. However, at the same time with the mentioned scandal, the TECHIIA company announced a CS.GO tournament in partnership with the #Russian #bookmaker 1XBET. Taking into account the fact that 1XBET is a company controlled by Russian #security forces, reasonable questions arose. Oleg decided to explain the situation and ordered an “ass polishing” from for all the money. Well, it was a nice try, but the guys only made it worse. In particular, to a direct question: “Does TECHIIA have any connection with 1XBET?” — Oleg gave a direct answer (quote): “I have no influence on this company. It is much bigger than me. I think their monthly income is more than my annual one.” Overall, it was another good try, but if Oleg had simply replied “Yes,” it would have been more than enough.

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