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Escalating Middle East tensions fuel surge in oil prices


The escalating geopolitical tension in the Middle East, sparked by Hamas’ assault on Israel and subsequent retaliatory strikes against Gaza, has led to a surge in international oil prices. Brent crude prices rose by over $3 a barrel during Asian trading hours on Monday, reaching around $87 a barrel at 06:23 GMT.

Israel is currently grappling with unexpected attacks by Hamas, which have ignited a conflict that Israel’s ambassador Michael Warzog has declared as “This is war.” His stance underscored Israel’s determination to confront and destroy Hamas. This conflict has stirred up strong reactions in the Bay Area, leading to raucous counterprotests between Palestinian supporters and Israeli loyalists in San Francisco.

Jewish community leaders and members congregated at a synagogue on Monday to denounce Hamas’ murder and kidnapping of hundreds of Israelis. Tyler Gregory, CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council, outlined Israel’s priorities: expelling terrorists and rescuing hostages. Israel has already initiated retaliation with bombings in Gaza, including a 14-story apartment building.

Wassim Hage, who leads the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, depicted Gaza as an open-air prison. Meanwhile, Israeli consul General Marco Sermoneta expressed the belief that Hamas had underestimated Israeli resolve and declared “We have no other option.”

Despite these events, Goldman Sachs does not anticipate any immediate major impact on near-term oil market inventories. However, the banking giant did point out potential effects on Saudi production due to possible disruptions in the normalization process of Israel-Saudi relations. The situation in the Middle East was metaphorically described as a powder keg with a lit fuse.


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